Our team

Jean-Claude & Sabine

Our team

To ensure you have a great experience in heart of nature, you need:

A beautiful environment, which we can provide.

Good equipment, organisation and advice, which we can guarantee, and have been providing professionally for 30 years in the field of outdoor sports.

An excellent welcome – we’ll make sure of it!

We train our teams every season, because we never stop improving with the aim of satisfying you.

Whether it be the multilingual reception staff, the shuttle bus drivers, the sports supervisors or the staff who are in charge of storing or maintaining the equipment, all of us are here to make your adventures and your nature get-aways memorable. 

Labels & Commitments

Our Labels & Our Engagements

Our eco-responsible approach

Nature is our living and working environment. We strive, through small-scale decisions that become habits, to reduce our footprint on the environment, and we endeavour to communicate on the crucial issue of preserving our resources and treating the Earth with respect.


​ Communication, awareness raising  

Reduction in the number of leaflets published
Use of eco-certified and organic (COVID-19) disinfection products
Environmentally friendly cleaning products
On-site communication of all operations related to the environment

  Protection of biodiversity and ecosystems

  A dozen trees planted

  Waste management  

Installation of sorting containers
Provision of sorting instructions for customers  
Organisation of the “Argens Propre” clean-up day
Organisation of a used equipment exchange to recycle sports equipment

  The local economy

Suggestion that groups should picnic with local products
Local suppliers for small takeaway service

 Water management

Remind customers that water is not an inexhaustible resource

Energy management

Establishment of “clean” shuttles on an additional route
More efficient management to reduce the number of customer shuttles

  Corporate social responsibility

Setting up of family packages
Collaboration with young local artists


  Communication, awareness raising

Wildlife information boards
Guided canoe trips to provide information on how to behave on the river and at sea
Environmental protection clauses included in the T&Cs

   Protection of biodiversity and ecosystems

Maintenance of the riverbanks by hand
Suspension of canoeing activities when the water level is too low on certain routes

  Waste management

Waste put into leakproof containers and sorted on arrival
On-site waste collection during river trips
Organisation of a clean-up day in Argens, with a recycling waste handler being present
Distribution of ashtrays for cigarette ends


 The local economy

Suggestion that groups should picnic with local products

  Water management

Dry toilets (composting toilets) at the Pardigon base

Energy management

Occasional use of a power generator
Setting up of “clean” shuttles on certain routes

   Corporate social responsibility    

Partnerships with employment centres
Partnerships with training centres
Partnerships with rehabilitation centres
Special rates for organisations that work with children and want to organise sporting events
Welcoming of BTS Tourism interns
Staff training with respect for the environment

Our customers

Our customers are loyal and regular.

For more than 30 years, we have been hosting seminars and team building for leading national companies and their regional agencies. We receive their works councils for recreational days, and we work with regional tourism organisations.

Today we would like to showcase some of the smaller organisations. , They tell you about themselves but also about how we work with them.

AJCC (Accueil Jeunesse Commune de la Cadière)

A municipal organisation offering activities and stays for teenagers in the Commune.

Facebook : AJCC83

Municipality website: www.lacadieredazur.fr

“Every year we rely on NATUREVASION for activities such as canoeing or paddling on the river, bike outings and tree climbing, but also for mini camp-outs where we sleep on site. We are welcomed in superb settings by a team that is dynamic and well organised, both in terms of conducting activities and ensuring group safety.”

Sylvain and Marion.

Hyères agricultural college: AGRICAMPUS

General technological and vocational training in horse riding, sailing, ecology.

“Numerous ecological and countryside educational projects carried out with the logistical and supervisory skills of NaturEvasion; outings that are always dynamic and cheerful, providing unforgettable memories.”

Flavie, Gilles and Stéphane, PE teachers Agricampus

Château Carpe Diem

ORGANIC wine estate on a human scale


“In love with Provence Verte and its treasures, we are fans of the activities offered by NaturEvasion with quality outings, a friendly team, high-performance equipment and a safe environment. We share these moments with family and friends and often recommend them to our clients at the estate.”

Alberic and his family

Fresia Media

Low-voltage specialist: design, installation and  commissioning of equipment, including maintenance and after-sales service.


“Joy, discovery and good cheer were the order of the day with Jean Claude, who was quite charming and very funny, and who showed patience with our rather lively brigade. Very good advice and explanations about nature which were truly very relevant and interesting, so that, in addition to the fun we had, we rediscovered our beautiful Var flora from a perspective that we didn’t necessarily know already.

“What a wonderful discovery! Thanks again!”

The whole Fresia Media team

So Happy Marseille event agency

For the past 10 years, we have specialised in  the conceptualisation of team building and incentive activities (recognition and appreciation of effort) but also in the organisation of all types of high-added-value events: gala evenings, inaugurations, kick-off seminars, etc.


We regularly work with NATUR’EVASION over client requests looking for activities in a natural setting (land or sea)! NATUR’EVASION, as represented by Sabine & Jean-Claude Fichera, are trustworthy, responsive and professional partners, always ready to listen and, above all, permanently cheerful! Punctuality, reliability and transparency are also some of the outstanding qualities we have come to expect from them!

Sophie Pietra, Director

POINTE SUD Six-Fours-les-Plages event agency


“The credo of our company: unforgettable events and ‘added value’; our agency specialises in the creation and production of events, and the organisation of team-building and incentive activities.

“Pointe Sud works with very few service providers, who must be professional, thorough, responsive, receptive and highly adaptable.

“The reason why we have trusted Natur’Evasion for so many years is, naturally, because their services meet our essential criteria, but also because this partner also brings us their expertise in their own fields of competence and provides us with solutions to our various organisational problems.”

Florent, Director

Voyages C.MATHEZ , Marseille 


Tour Operator specialising in the cruise sector

“We have been working for several years with Natur’Evasion for our cruise ship customers stopping over in the Var. We love Sabine and Jean Claude’s flexibility, which is so necessary when working in the cruising world.

“Our clients enjoyed their kayak trips and were always kept safe and in good spirits.”

Stéphanie, Cruise Department Manager

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